Four boats are available for fishing and for shorter trips. These open boats are not suitable for deep-sea fishing. The boats are located in a small harbour app 500 m from the house.  The boats are also available for renting separately (independently of renting the house).

There are no sonars/fish finders in any of the boats. We recommend that guests bring their own sonar or rent one from a company that rents out sonars.

Boat 16 foot Open boat 4,6 m with 9.9 hp outboard motor. This boat is suitable for up to 5 persons. (For fishing 3  persons is preferred).  This boat can be rented for 100 € per week.
2 open boats 5.3 m (Rana 530) with 20 hp outboard motor and 1 open boat 5,2 m (Rana 17) with 15 hp outboard motor. These boats are suitable for 6 - 8 persons. (For fishing 3 - 4 persons is preferred).  

These boats can be rented for 230 € per week.


Contact:  Mail:          Phone: +47 913 48 167